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Continental develops intelligent technologies for the mobility of people and their goods. As reliable partner, it offers to the international automotive suppliers, tire manufacturers and industry partners, sustainable, safe, comfortable, individual and affordable solutions. Continental Teves belongs to the division Chassis & Safety, which develops and produces integrated active and passive vehicle safety technologies as well as products, which support the vehicle dynamics. The product portfolio ranges from electronic and hydraulic braking and chassis control systems to sensors, driving assistance systems, airbag electronics and sensorics as well as electronic air suspension systems to the cleaning systems for windshields and headlamps. The focus is on a higher system competence and networking of individual components. This leads to the creation of products and system functions along the process chain SensePlanAct. These build the foundation for the automated driving. The headquarters of the division are located in Frankfurt am Main.

In addition to serial developments for driving assistance systems, actuators (brakes, steering) and control units, Continental Teves is and was part of many projects regarding automated driving. This includes:

  • AKTIV: intersection assistant, automated emergency brakes, construction work assistant (lateral control), driver observation, detection of pedestrians,
  • interactIVe: automated braking and swerving on the basis of radar / stereo fusion,
  • simTD: development of a communication unit for the C2X communication in a test field,
  • Ko-FAS: usage of the C2X communication in order to increase the coverage of the sensors,
  • HAVEit: presentation of a vehicle, which can drive through a construction site, longitudinally and transversely automated, together with other traffic participants (in front of/before),
  • UR:BAN: expansion of a driving assistance function in the urban area. Here, there are included: swerving and breaking, forward and sideways guidance (no high automation), protection of weaker traffic participants.

Furthermore, Continental Teves especially addressed, in the context of its own research projects, the necessary aspects related to highly-automated driving:

  • PRORETA 1: automated breaking and swerving with ideal sensor technology,
  • PRORETA 2: overtaking assistant with active intervention,
  • PRORETA 3: implementation of a grid-based safety corridor,
  • Nevada Tests: Continental was, in December 2012, the first worldwide automotive supplier, which obtained a license for the testing of highly-automated driving on public streets in the US State of Nevada.

Continental Teves will be involved in all subprojects. In the first subproject, it will participate in the UAP “Description of highway chauffeur”, based on its expertise with environmental sensors, actuators and control units, with the preparation of a comprehensive description of the highly-automated “highway chauffeur” function. In the second subproject, Continental Teves supports the identification and creation of all possible generally valid development and testing processes, in order to develop and qualify the highly-automated driving.

A main focal point is on the third subproject. Here, Continental Teves will set up a functional HIL test bench and connect the tool chain developed within PEGASUS to the simulation software IPG CarMaker. In addition, the sensor models developed within the PEGASUS project, will be integrated into the system, consisting of the PEGASUS tool chain and simulation software.

The functionality of the above-described system will be demonstrated with the help of selected scenarios. Furthermore, the transferability of the connection to other simulation methods, such as SIL and VIL, will be ensured.