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Experts estimate that, for the testing of an assistance function for automated driving, billions of kilometers must be driven. Mathematically, this results from the required reliability of such functions. Such a driving performance cannot be achieved with real road driving, or with the classical HiL test systems. Simulation seems to be the only conceivable approach for the practical presentation of the required test coverage. The virtualization of control units plays therefore a key role, because, in the end, it is all about the safeguarding of highly-complex software in the control units.

The focus of the QTronic's contribution to PEGASUS is on the third subproject, Testing, in particular the segment 3.2, laboratory testing. The technical objective of QTronic is, thereby, the connection of the test specification databank to the TestWeaver, so that TestWeaver can execute, respectively explore, in a fully automated manner, the scenarios stored in there – especially those with degrees of freedom – in a simulation environment (VTD, CarMaker). The resulting highly-automated test procedures should be tested and optimized in execution environments that are as different as it is possible. On the other hand, QTronic will build its methods for the virtualization of control units for applications in the ADAS field and automated driving.

The QTronic LLC was founded in 2006 and, today, it employs 30 people in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich. QTronic supports its customers, in the transfer from test drives and test benches to the PC, with the help of simulation development steps for control unit software (virtualization). In addition, QTronic offers services as well as the tools Silver and TestWeaver.