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Institute for Automotive Engineering, RWTH Aachen University (ika)

The Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University develops innovative concepts for the various areas of the complete vehicle. The wide spectrum of competencies allows thereby for the vehicle to be viewed and analyzed in its entirety as well as the interaction of all individual components. In addition to the technical solutions, the behavior of the whole system of driver, vehicle and environment are analyzed and assessed in interdisciplinary teams.

In the field of driver assistance, ika has extensive experience in the development and assessment of assistance systems and automated driving functions due to the participation in numerous projects, such as interactIVe, AdaptIVe, eCoMove, ecoDriver, Konvoi, Sartre, e-Generation, UR:BAN, DESERVE, Aspecss as well as through various studies. One research focus is the development of methods for the assessment of effectiveness, controllability and acceptance. The analysis and modeling of the driver behavior is an additional research focus for which methods are developed and implemented in real world testing and simulator studies. Hence, ika provides a broad knowledge for the assessment of the driver performance capability with regard to his/her ability of interacting with assistance systems and automated driving functions.

In the context of PEGASUS, ika works on the development of a methodology for the validation of automated vehicles. To that end, a database of relevant scenarios is used in sub-project 3 in order to identify new, critical scenarios by varying specific scenario parameters generating further coverage of the addressed functional space. The reproducible simulation of specific traffic scenarios in the controlled field using a scenario construction set and as well as the integration of relevant traffic scenarios into the database from the measured field data represent further focal points in the project.