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TÜV SÜD brings the newest expert knowledge at worldwide level, so that the future vehicle technologies can safely go into serial manufacturing. The service spectrum includes the fields of active safety, functional/electrical/chemical safety of conventional and alternative operations as well as road restraint systems. An important focus is the monitoring of the testing of the automated driving in public transportation. Furthermore, TÜV SÜD contributes to the further development of laws and standards for road and product safety.

The reference projects in the field of the subjective and objective testing of driver assistance systems, such as ACC or NBA, were implemented, among others, with Audi, BMW, Toyota, Bosch/Chrysler or also the magazine “auto motor and sport”. Furthermore, TÜV SÜD supports the safety management in the context of the development of automated driving functions. With clients such as BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Ford or VW, for example, safety concepts, vehicle acceptance tests or also road safety trainings will be brought together.

TÜV SÜD works in the first subproject, with the requirements for systems (social acceptance, traffic safety versus automation risks), client expectations (function versus reliability/availability), scenarios (quality measures) and in the second subprojects, on the implementation in the development process. The focus is, however, on the third subproject, with the requirements for tests (consideration of road approval and safety standards, interaction of laboratory tests, testing grounds and fields) as well as on the fourth subproject, for the result reflection and embedding (securing the function of the developed concepts, participation in the transfer into laws, regulations and norms).