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Volkswagen brings experience, in particular, to the research of automated driving functions for the highway and builds, hereby, especially on the results of the HAVEit, interactIVe and AdaptIVe projects as well as the BASt working group “Legal consequences of progressive vehicle automation”.

Volkswagen assumes the overall project management of PEGASUS as well as the coordination of the first subproject. This includes the representation of the projects towards politics, economy, science and society. Volkswagen will present the basic function of the highway chauffeur as well as the expanded application scenarios, as well as coordinate the subsequent expansion and completion by the project partners. The accident research of Volkswagen AG processes the accident data analysis, the accident reconstruction and the accident simulation as well as the identification and assessment of critical situations, with regard to extent of damage, probability of occurrences and human performance capability. And it processes the influence factors on the handling of these situations, coming from humans and machines. With the creation of field and sensitivity analysis, automation risks can be eventually identified.

In the third subproject, Volkswagen will continue to detail and specify the test cases. In order to obtain a manageable test quantity, a method for the reduction of test cases will be developed. For the evaluation of simulation examinations, as well as the one of testing benches and field tests, corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be derived. For the validation of the simulation, a methodology regarding the transfer of implemented real experiments in the simulation will be designed. Furthermore, a software-in-the-loop simulator (SiL) will be built, in order to implement the specified simulation examinations. Based on that, both testing scenarios for test benches as well as those in the field and tools for the automatic evaluation and assessment will be developed. Additionally, for the examination on test benches, a reference tool chain will be developed, in order to be able to assess the accuracy of both the sensor technology as well as the environmental perception. In order to carry out tests, an experimental vehicle, including a highly-automated driving function (highway chauffeur) will be provided, together with the necessary measuring technology.