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Bosch is worldwide one of the leading suppliers in the automotive industry. The company division ‘Mobility Solutions’ concentrates competencies in the area of mobility – automation, electrification and connectivity – and offers holistic mobility solutions. The business segments include fuel injection and ancillary components for combustion engines, as well as solutions for the electrification of the drive system, safety and assistance systems, technology for user-friendly infotainment and inter-vehicle communication, workshop concepts as well as technology and services for automobile trade. Important innovations such as the electronic motor management, the ESP® anti-skid system or the common-rail diesel technology derive from Bosch.

Bosch has been working on the vision of automated driving for years and offers technologies covering all levels of automation, whereof many are already being deployed in volume production. Due to Bosch’s special strengths and competencies, like its global presence and local testing of automation technologies, the company is the optimal partner for automated mobility. However, a single company cannot manage the complex demands of automated driving. That is why Bosch has concluded strategic partnerships with other companies and initiated, led and supported numerous pilot and research projects. Such joint commitment covers many areas of automated driving and ranges from the development of high-performance camera sensors and connected onboard systems through the generation of detailed digital maps to an entirely autonomous driving system for the city. Whereas some projects are based on technology that is already available in the market, such as sensors, others are clearly aligned towards the development of future technologies. All partnerships concluded ensure synergies in development and help to get automated vehicles onto the road, swiftly and safely. The following project exemplify this:

  • simTD (Safe Intelligent Mobility – Test Field Germany) – Publicly funded and to date the greatest German field trial of car-to-x communication to improve road safety and mobility.
  • UR:BAN – Publicly funded joint project with the aim to develop driver assistance and traffic management systems for cities.
  • CONVERGE – Project targeting a holistic system architecture for flexible interaction between different service providers and communications network operators.
  • Ko-HAF (Cooperative Highly Automated Driving) – Publicly funded project tackles the challenges of highly automated driving.
  • RobustSense – Project with the aim to set the ground for automated driving in all environmental conditions.

In the context of the ‘PEGASUS’ project, Bosch contributes to every subproject. In the first subproject, Bosch helps to comprehensively describe sensory and actuator technology relevant to the highly automated driving functions of a highway chauffeur. Based on the company’s expertise, Bosch additionally supports in defining safety-related aspects and in conducting a sensitivity analysis. In the second subproject, Bosch abets to document and analyze these development processes and to evaluate their applicability for highly automated driving functions. As a result, the company contributes to the elaboration of the amount of relevant scenarios and assessment criteria.

The focus of Bosch activities will be on the third subproject. In this phase, Bosch helps to identify the requirements regarding sensor technology necessary for the highway chauffeur. In order to define a suitable testing concept, the company concretizes and parameterizes application scenarios. Subsequently, requirements for radar and camera models are compiled, corresponding models are prototypically implemented and integrated in the Bosch simulation environment as well as tested in accordance with relevant reference scenarios on proving ground. Finally, Bosch supports to conduct a field test to determine the relevant scenarios, which are then included into the database. An existent experimental vehicle from Bosch will be used for the field test.

Within the fourth subproject, Bosch helps to verify and report the applicability of the processes resulting from the project, to define the review process and to create the necessary review templates. In a final step, Bosch supports the development of maturity stage management and its implementation.