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VIRES brings extensive experience in the field of environmental simulation, under real-time conditions, to the PEGASUS project. This includes, in addition to the three-dimensional simulation and visualization of the environment, also the detection using sensor models. A parameterizable driver model can be used both for one's own vehicles, as well as for third-party vehicles and allows for the simulation of complex traffic situations, together with the parameterizable third-party vehicle models. The development of open standards for the road description (OpenDRIVE) and for the road surface description (OpenCRG) was and will be decisively carried out by VIRES. Based on these standards, there are tools for the creation of virtual route networks, which are completely compatible with the simulation tools from VTD. In the description of test scenarios, this approach will be pursued, through the initiative of establishing an open standard, known as OpenSCENARIO. The main focus of the activity of VIRES, within the context of PEGASUS, is on the third subproject, especially in the field of laboratory tests. The nanoscopic modeling of traffic participants in VTD contains parameterizable driver and vehicle models and can thus be integrated in the scalable test environment. Scenario descriptions, according to the format OpenSCENARIO will be included into the project. VIRES will also function as an active interface between the Open projects and PEGASUS.